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How it all started

Love for the race we grew was about ten years ago, when we kept a puddle for a few days and fell in love with her. One day, our Hungarian puff died and we felt some void in our lives.

That void, that left the previous pet, which we cared about as if he was a family member and who received all the necessary attention and love and had his own house and our yard, Megi has filled. We acquired our first poodle 12 years ago and it was the days the dog first crossed the threshold of our house. We did not know much about poodles, but we’ve come to realize very quickly that Megi is a very intelligent dog, who provides love without a limit, have no dog-specific smell. That's why we decided to devote much more to this race.

We married our girlfriend for the first time when she was three years old and got one of the toughest female in our kennel - Kibby SRK of Coral Empire. Then we imported the males from the kennel Mon Lami, known in Croatia, owner’s Zdenko Roncevic. After that we officially registered our Coral Empire Kennel under number FCI 5986.


We just love puddles and given the experience we have with this breed, we have decided to work carefully on the selection of quality bloodlines. Our goal is to achieve quality and raise successful exhibition dogs, and the evidence of quality is the success of our dogs both in the country and abroad.

In keep in touch with new dog owners from our kennel until they grow to have permanent theeth (about 4-5 months) or as long as they want it, so we get daily pictures of our dogs in their new homes. These words and pictures show that we do properly what we do and that means a lot to every true breeder. We do our best to be ahead of others by quality rather than by quantity.

A lot of effort and dedication is required to show how a true representative of this beautiful race should look, what are its characteristics and that's why our kennel is always open to receive those who want to get to know this race and get the right information, to see our dogs and to decide whether it is the right dog for them. The breeders' mission should also be to bring the race closer to potential future owners and they choose exactly what they want.

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